Tuesday, May 3, 2011

David and Graham Live...

Going to see David Crosby and Graham Nash tonite at the State Theater in Easton, PA!!! Should be freakin' awesome!

From 1970: "Guinnevere"

Dead Live @ Roosevelt Stadium 8-4-76

Review by Folkhippy:

This is a classic show from '76! The sound quality is spectacular! You can really focus on each individual instrument listening to this tape. Check out the major Phil Zone throughout the show! '76 was Phil's hottest year on bass. He does more soloing and up front bass work in songs during the '76 shows than most other years. Just listen to Sugaree! The early '76 versions of Dancin' in the Streets and Scarlet Begonias were owned by Phil. Just listen to the Dancin' on 1976-06-09! Great show/sound throughout! Don't miss this one either! His Alembic bass is so rich and thick! I love it!

Remember Me???

It's been nearly 3 years...